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Dear participants at P3M = Plastics and Metal Meet & Match

Welcome to the B2B meeting aplication, where you can REGISTER to 2nd International business networking of the metal industry and plastics industry with an emphasis on the automotive industry.
Registration and Profile Submission: From 10. February till 21. April 2015
The earlier you submit the more your collaboration profile will be viewed. 
Booking of meetings: from 1. to 21. April 2015. 
The registration is free of charge!

Why you shouldn't miss it? 

  • You will have a chance to meet your potential business partners from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Serbia. Associations and companies from other European countries have also been invited to attend.    
  • All foreign companies taking part in group presentations are expected to attend. Countries having group presentations are Italy, China, Russia, Serbia and Taiwan. 
  • You will have a chance to meet automotive industry representatives from Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia ...     
  • Pre-scheduled individual meetings will facilitate networking and exchange of good practices with real business opportunities!    

The main sectors of interest:

  • Metal industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Automotive industry
Conference language: English

More information:

P3M = Plastics and Metal Meet & Match is one of the mayor event of four international specialized trade shows.Forma Tool featuring tools, Plagkem featuring plastics, rubber and chemistry, Graf&Pack featuring graphics and packaging and Welding and Foundry will be attended by over 650 exhibitors and representatives, 300 direct. 

More information about four international specialized trade shows can be found HERE.


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