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Celje Fair Plc

Celje Fair Plc is a company whose main business activities are organising trade fairs and other events. We boast a rich, over 40 years long tradition and are recognised all over Slovenia and abroad. We organise 20 international trade shows, some annual and some biennial.
The shows held on Celje Showground are visited by over 230,000 people annually, but counting in other events the number of visitors soars to approximately half a million. We are the only showground in Slovenia that has managed to retain the number of visitors in the past years and deliver an even greater number of them. The proof of this is our market share which is more than 50% and is the largest among the organizers of similar events in Slovenia.
Celje Fair Plc does not only organise trade shows, but also other events as we boast a large number of facilities serving different purposes from meetings to other social and educational events which meet all the requirements of the modern business world.


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