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Eva Štraser , QM, co-owner at BOKRI d.o.o.


Bilateral Meetings

  • 23.04.2015, Thursday, (11:00 a.m. - 02:30 p.m.)

The Slovene company offers subcontracting services and is looking forward to cooperate with an industrial or service company active in the automotive, electronics, gardening and other sectors, which has the need for quality injected plastic products and is interested to expand its products range.
Potential partners should be reliable, experienced in international cooperation and ready for a long term cooperation.

Expertise in manufacturing of:
- products, made by inserting Al or steel parts (different bobbins),
- complex products, that include hard and soft component (for example lightning program or refuelling program for Mercedes),
- products, made from material, that contains up to 50% of GF,
- coating different parts (for example electromagnets with plastic),
- making plastics from PA, with or without GF, ABS, PC, PEI, PP, TPS, PPS ...
- development and manufacturing of bioproducts made by PLA, starch (biodegradable)...

Engineering drawing in igs., step., vda. or xt. file are desired.

In case of technical problems the company is cooperating with the local University – Moldflow simulations, 3D print, tensile tests, biodegradable tests, material analyses etc.

Innovations: In year 2014 the company has successfully developed a new biodegradable material for a specific product - agro sector - we are looking for potential customers of biodegradable pots!

Country: Slovenia

Organization Type: Company

Phone: 00 386 31 668 209

Email: eva@bokri.si

City: Radlje ob Dravi 2360,Dobrava 44 Google map

Areas of Activities

Plastics Industry


      Automotive Industry



          Subcontracting services/developement and manufacturing of products, made by polymer or biopolymer

          A Slovene family company, located near Austria border, specialized in the production of complex, high quality injected plastic parts and involved in EU market for 10 years is offering its services as manufacturer.
          The company ensures cost efficient technical solutions and can full-fill orders from making a tool for injection, making first samples with measurements, searching for technical solutions if necessary, injecting quality plastic parts, assembling and ensuring 100% control.
          The company has 13 different machines for injection moulding process from 22 t -125 t of clamping force and is looking for potential industrial/service partners with the need of plastic products, made by polymer or biopolymer and offers subcontracting services.