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Andreja Serec , Owner at Zavod T.I.M. for EVOM


Bilateral Meetings

  • 23.04.2015, Thursday, (11:00 a.m. - 02:30 p.m.)

We offer innovative direct marketing outsourcing services with which we can help you to present your products to precisely selected segment of companies in countries that we cover. The aim of this activity is to organize B2B meetings with potential clients or companies, which allows you efficient entry on your new market.

Country: Slovenia

Organization Type: Company

Phone: 051 332 356

Email: andreja@evom.si

City: Murska Sobota 9000,Poljska 12 Google map

Areas of Activities



    Market entry sevices

    I. Market Research
    •Market feasibility studies
    •Market overview and analysis
    •Business opportunities identification
    •Competitive intelligence
    •Questionnaire design, execution and analysis
    •Qualitative and quantitative research
    II. Entry Strategy, B2B communication and Planning
    •Develop product strategy for localization
    •Partner search
    - Distributors
    - Suppliers
    - Joint ventures
    •Facilitate contract negotiations
    III. Branch Office/Subsidiary Set Up
    IV. Marketing & Promotion