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BURIM MANI , Manager / Family owned enterp at N.P.T.Sh.N.”Fermont – Mani"


Bilateral Meetings

  • 23.04.2015, Thursday, (11:00 a.m. - 02:30 p.m.)

Our Company is dealing with Heating & Cooling assemblage and building materials & services

Country: Albania

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +37744112345

Email: nptshn.fermont.mani@gmail.com

City: 70000 Ferizaj, -,Rr:Migjeni Nr: 1 Google map

Areas of Activities

Metal industry


      Plastics Industry

        Offer & Request

        Heating & Cooling

        Is seeking for foreign partner of joy venture investment, or capital investment and for raw material of related sector.