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Moša Nikolić at Bebi snovi


Bilateral Meetings

  • 23.04.2015, Thursday, (11:00 a.m. - 02:30 p.m.)

The Independent Craft Shop “Baby dreams“ was founded by Nikolic Stanko in 1985. It is situated at 55 Ljube Nenadovica street in Leskovac. The original name of the company “Independent Craft Shop“ Nikolic Stanko was changed into “Baby dreams“ 2012. The company deals with the production of furniture and wooden products. Since 1999 it reoriented its production towards baby beads. The products are marketed in the Serbian and ex – Yugoslav markets as well into the European markets. The production facilities occupy 2000 m² on 2 locations which are divided into 2 production units: for primary and final production process.
The equipment of “Baby dream” consists of condensing computer regulated dryer unit with the capacity of 20 m². The primary production unit has several types of machines for cutting massifs and for handling mdf and chip-board.
The final production unit has CNC machines made in Italy, machines for handling and forming made in Vanning, Germany and CNC machines for production and drilling made in Comec – Italy. The dying is performed in a chamber equipped with the latest electro static kit made in Samens, France.
The employees in “baby dreams” are highly trained to work the machines. As nature friendly company, only the material approved by the experts is used for timber cutting.
The waste sawdust I is specially processed into pellet and is used for heating the working premises.
The products made of beech massif are having heat drying treatment at 8 – 10 % of humidity. The products are dyed with specially produced colours for “Baby dreams” company. They are attested on formaldehyde, heavy metals and the testing was being made by the Health Protection Institute in Belgrade. MDF was being examined by the Institute EPH in Dresden. The products are attested by Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade and received high marks for quality.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +381 16 253 851;

Email: nikolicmosa@gmail.com

City: Leskovac 16000,Ljube Nedovića 55 Google map

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